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What School You Went?

An exploration tool of O‘ahu public high schools

“What School You Went?” is a National Geographic funded data visualization tool that explores Hawaii high school alumni perceptions of these topics in an easily accessible interface. The data from this tool, and the citizen-science it promotes, is used by the Institute for Teacher Education (ITE) at the UH of Manoa’s College of Education.

Under the direction of Dr. Jeff Moniz, the program uses this tool to teach students about the impact of people’s beliefs on their environment. Visit the site now and join the conversation. Add your opinions, learn a little about your past, and help students at the University of Hawaii explore perceptions of Hawaii high schools.

what school you went screenshot

What school you went screenshot

Project Team

Subject Matter Expert(s)

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    Jeff Moniz Professor

DCDC & Consulting Staff

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    Jonathan Mark Kevan Instructional Designer
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    Patrick Karjala Programmer
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    Michelle Carino Design Team Lead
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    Caterina Desiato ID Assistant