BB Collaborate for UH Teach classes, conduct meetings and advise students online, from anywhere. DCDC offers BlackBoard Collaborate virtual offices to UH faculty and staff.

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Learn how UH Faculty and Staff are using Collaborate


  • Your own web conferencing space to use anytime, from anywhere — using audio, video and chat

    Your virtual office participant link will provide you and your students 24/7 access with NO scheduling and NO participant limit!


    • Students connect with you and others
    • Lecture while traveling
    • Bring in guest lecturers


    • Student Advising/Tutoring
    • Online Interviews
    • Faculty / Staff meetings
    • Research Collaboration
    • Online Conferences
  • Present using slides, images, and whiteboard


    Show slide presentations to all users with ease! With drag-and-drop features, you can easily rearrange the order of your slides and edit them on the fly.

    Unique Presentation Features

    • Shared Whiteboard: Show your work live on a whiteboard viewable by all participants
    • Application Sharing: Share any program on your computer or share your entire screen
    • Share PDFs, image files, or PowerPoint slides
  • Use breakout rooms to split a large class into smaller groups

    • Each small group has the same full set of features as the main room: text chat, audio and a whiteboard that can then be shared with the larger group after the breakout session has concluded
    • Assign a facilitator in each breakout room
    • Circulate between groups to observe or participate
  • Record online sessions, both lecture and group interaction, with one click

    • Share recordings via email or post the link to your class site (such as Laulima!)
    • Enable students to review lectures
    • “Flipped Learning” – record a lecture beforehand, then use your live session for discussion
  • Local, face-to-face, personalized training and technical support through DCDC

    • Phone, email, face-to-face, and online nighttime support on Hawaii time
    • Learn to use Collaborate effectively in your courses
    • Access updated support material
    • Attend trainings, webinars and workshops

Pricing Through DCDC

DCDC training and support included for all options below:

 Option price per vOffice (annual)
All faculty and Staff (over 20) $199
20 vOffices (purchased together) $299
5 virtual offices (purchased together) $399
Individual virtual office $499

Custom Option Available

DCDC has a Collaborative package to fit your needs and
budget. Please contact us to discuss custom arrangements,
payment packages or to schedule a demo.

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