Graduate-level program for careers in teaching

The Master of Education in Teaching (MEdT) program at the College of Education partnered with DCDC to offer a new hybrid delivery option to students pursuing careers in teaching. Neighbor islands students now have the opportunity to pursue their MEdT degree via online interaction, web conferencing and periodic face-to-face weekends. DCDC focused on designing for a consistent learning experience across multifaceted field-based and theory-based core courses, integrating established instructional strategies and multimedia technologies with smooth navigation and aesthetics.

Project Team

Subject Matter Expert(s)

  • Eva Ponte EDCS
  • Deborah Zuercher MEdT

DCDC & Consulting Staff

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    Adam Tanners Instructional Designer
  • h
    Caterina Desiato Instructional Designer
  • h
    Eddie Gose Instructional Designer
  • h
    Michelle Carino Design Team Lead
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    Michael Rohrbacher Designer
  • Stacy Brook Instructional Designer