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Math 111 & 112

Math for Elementary Teachers

The Primary Education program at UH Mānoa is helping students get a headstart with their prerequisite courses. Math 111 & 112 are online courses that guide prospective student teachers through essential instructional strategies while improving their own understanding of the subject.

Designed in partnership with Dr. Michelle Manes of the UH Department of Mathematics, the course incorporates synchronous sessions, discussions, and rate-my-group features that make math engaging and encourage students to reflect on their own learning experiences.

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Project Team

Subject Matter Expert(s)

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    Dr. Michelle Manes

DCDC & Consulting Staff

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    Michael Rohrbacher Design Team Lead
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    Ty Eng Lim Instructional Designer
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    Hong Ngo ID Assistant
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    Patrick Karjala Design Team Lead
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    Paul Ryan Programmer
  • Eddie Gose Consulting ID