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Online Application System for Students

Mākālei is an online application system that is used to support admissions, field placements, graduation checks and other student workflows. Customized for each academic program, Mākālei provides checklists for students, step by step instructions, and collects pertinent documents including letters of reference. By adopting Makalei, the Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS) at the College of Education (COE) and the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Music Department have been able to “go paperless” with their admissions and advising records.

Mākālei is powered by KAPA, a database tool developed by the College of Education (COE), which houses and synchronizes data collected from Mākālei, data pulled from UH’s Banner (a student information system), actions and notes taken by advisors and assessment data inserted by faculty.

Main Benefits of Mākālei :

  • Promotes collaboration between advisors and faculty
  • Walks students through a process, providing clear information and status updates
  • Provides the College with easily accessible data for reporting and accreditation

“KAPA/Mākālei has streamlined the process not only for the OSAS advisors and staff, but also for our students from pre-matriculation to post-graduation. KAPA allows us to get information we need quickly and has increased our overall efficiency. Thank you to the awesome DCDC team who always takes the time to listen to our needs. It is truly a pleasure working with DCDC.”
– Niki Libarios, Director, OSAS

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COE Makalei Get Started

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COE Makalei Checklist

Project Team

DCDC & Consulting Staff

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    Bryson McFeeley Programmer
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    Adam Tanners Instructional Designer
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    Michelle Carino Designer
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    Ariana Eichelberger Instructional Designer
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    Genta Togashi Database Infrastructure Designer