LTEC 112

Academic Technologies

This survey course prepares undergraduates with the academic technology skills and experiences necessary to succeed during their college career. The content is broken down into four themes, such as “Presentations & Video”, each with an emphasis on skills and technology commonly used for class assignments at the University of Hawaii (see syllabus for more information). The course allows students to move at their own pace (including finish early!) and get advanced knowledge in topics of their choosing. All educational material on the site has a CC BY 4.0 license.

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Project Team

Subject Matter Expert(s)

  • Paul McKimmy Professor & Author
  • Ari Eichelberger Professor & Author
  • Billy Meinke Author

DCDC & Consulting Staff

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    Ty Eng Lim Project Manager
  • h
    Jonathan Mark Kevan Instructional Designer
  • h
    Paul Ryan Programmer
  • h
    Michelle Carino Design Team Lead
  • h
    Malia Mallchok Reviewer
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    Claire Chun Reviewer