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Design a Bug

Create an abominable superbug

PEPS 250: World of Insects is a popular elective course among undergraduate students at the University of Hawaii; it fulfills both a science and writing intensive requirement for graduation. To supplement and make its online delivery more engaging, DCDC worked with Helen Spafford of the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources (CTAHR) to develop and integrate custom interactive, tablet-friendly games and activities. One of these activities, the Design a Bug game, allowed students to design their own bug by selecting different bug body parts. While building their bug, students learned what role each body part played in survival.

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bug antenna

Project Team

Subject Matter Expert(s)

  • bug antenna
    Helen Spafford

DCDC & Consulting Staff

  • Eddie Gose Instructional Designer


  • 2013 Award of Excellence

    AIGA Honolulu's Hawaii's 5-O Design Award Show