Peer-Reviewed Materials by Hawaii Teachers

Collaborator is a website for the sharing, remixing and discussion of educational materials developed by Hawaii teachers. Offered as a peer reviewed and monitored platform, Collaborator enables our state educators to safely share their instructional content between each other while expanding their connections throughout the state. Additionally, the website maintains a record of each teacher’s favorite lesson plans, enables downloading of resources for local use and notification if a peer reuses their material.

This project was developed in partnership with the Hawaii State Teachers Association and generously funded by the National Education Association.

Project Team


  • Hawaii State Teachers Association

Subject Matter Expert(s)

  • Raymond “RJ” Rodriguez Instruction and Professional Development Specialist

DCDC & Consulting Staff

  • h
    Jonathan Mark Kevan Project Manager
  • h
    Patrick Karjala Programmer
  • h
    Michelle Carino Designer
  • h
    Joel Stransky Programmer
  • h
    Faye Furutomo Designer
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    Paul Ryan Programmer