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ITE 402

Secondary Field Experience (Teaching Practicum)

ITE 402 is a required course for students in the Secondary Teacher Education Program. This course consists of two components: a seminar that is specific to the content area in which students intend to teach, and a field work component where students observe, analyze, and assist in teaching a middle or high school class.

The client’s objectives in developing ITE 402 for online delivery was to replace the face-to-face seminar and teach students about classroom management. DCDC’s solution for the seminar and field work components of the course was to create two separate online resources for students: a Practicum Base Camp and a Practicum Field Guide.

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Project Team

Subject Matter Expert(s)

  • Charlotte Frambaugh-Kritzer Assistant Professor

DCDC & Consulting Staff

  • h
    Michelle Carino Designer
  • h
    Hong Ngo ID Assistant
  • Eddie Gose Instructional Designer
  • Stacy Brook ID Assistant